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I missed the book of my life one night when they forgot to put a sharp pencil next to my bed. -Lise Deharme 1933

She Called Herself Sally

Suddenly something tried to reshape Inegio's head.
the shadows of a a fairy boot curled eight brass rings of red gold into the ear of the spiral and made it's way to the unconvincing grin in a determination promenade. The purple and yellow diamonds waltzed in to display at 17 degree angles and the rails felt for the train's wheels because the spokes mattered least Little workshops hid us in their curtains and tried to distract
the elders from the cactus memories Never entering the room again and again would not cease to bear down on the urge to laugh all at once in the wailing of the silences Burning the campfire plaid felt like an old rubber friend in quaking rotten jars Until the final serpent crawled backwards like a reversed sonic film the tune could not follow or ear copy it's melody or it's jeer.
-Richard Dotson

The green sky Grasps the watcher of the wind while nothing streams by refreshing memories of rust colored grass a melting sun Flash like five cobweb fires and a liquid eye the watcher of the wind lets go a memory and the green sky -Derek Scefonas 'Dress for War' by Derek Scefonas let go of the sun and kill the lights no ones coming here to die life beats down upon the ruin strong, the demon seals this bit of silence locked in a place where we dress for war in the swing rain CANDLE The owl hid his eyes under his hands He hid his hands under his feet He hid his feet behind his ears He hid his ears between his toes He tucked his toes under his belt And completely disappeared

-Penelope Rosemont
 "Sometimes I tip over."

               -Andrew Torch
'A Catalog of Desirables' by Arthur David Spota

that throne of night that river of sinuous stars that opening in the twilight that has never let me sleep that nest that flew off the wing that's flown the coop that space inside space that last breath and not a priest in sight that night that cooed like beasts that desired thought without semblance or symmetry that falling boy that often dreams and I am not in one of them that statue that one day had brushed against me seems to have vanished, gone around the world that will to disappear that has always lived in the darkness of human presence that secret awareness of everything that is displayed where the heart suffers what the eye can't heal that terrible sound reduced to the smallest of men until it is no longer heard that flam that a moment ago was imperceptible that has taken the house to ruins that talk of the cinders that is a miracle over silence that traveling trollop asking directions of those ridiculous children is a prison of sky in their loins that an hour ago I shared my love with some haunted passerby without having chosen the time and place that a year ago, on a moments notice, my train departed and left a black cloak of smoke around the stations of my heart that a lifetime ago I drew myself down winding paths that were not complete only to arrive at this day, this hour. c.

*International Surrealist Statement (Oct. 31, 2009)

Statement by International Surrealists regarding the U.S. torture of prisoners: HERE


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